Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wow, it's been HOW LONG since I last posted? Sorry!

Sorry for being such a loser and not posting here. I must admit, I've been unfaithful. Twitter, you see has lured me away for a time, but I'm back now and with a renewed sense of commitment. Let's hope it lasts. At least it's summer, I have more time to procrastinate. Anyway, sorry Blog for being gone so long. I'll try and make it up.

Saturday I enter the Novitiate...

At the moment I'm on a mini retreat to prep for Saturday. Why, then am I on the computer you ask? Well, as I've been sitting here processing the last two years of my postulancy, I came round to the fact that I needed to write it out. See it concretely before me; making it a reality. For while I've lived it, it has often felt just like life, the day in day out of the sort I lived before entering. Before I gave everything away and walked across another's threshold into the unknown. A quivering trust was all that was leading me forward. With a radical and bold move like that you'd expect profound, extreme experiences, no? You know, the kind of "Sister Wanda Sees a Holy Vision" type experiences. Well Patience, I was to learn, would be the lesson I was to take to heart. Some things take time, and spiritual formation is definitely one of them. I've learned allot over the past two years about where I stand with patience, and especially where and when I lack it. Patience is the key to trust, and that strange place of tension which is trust is right where God needs you to be to work His best through you. The most growth I've experienced over this time has taken place in these uncomfortable moments. I hope someday I'll even love these moments, for when I do I know I'll find myself in the mystery of God's love. For now, I'm off to begin my next phase of growth in God, and looking forward to the revelations to come.... More later, I'm back to my retreat.