Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting acquainted

I've been a fan of blogs for a while now, and have been mulling over whether or not to throw my own hat into the ring. Part of the reluctance has been the fact that I have schoolwork to do as well and was unsure what my commitment level would be (I know how much I rely on daily, even hourly posting from some of my favorite bloggers, so... perhaps I am setting too high a goal). But, despite my misgivings, I've been thinking it might be nice to have a space to ruminate about the formation process and encourage feedback from others who are traveling this path as well. It has been a real trip so far, just the act of separation from my previous life to start with. Each day brings new challenges, try living in community for a start! Wow! So, as I reflect upon these pages of this strange and beautiful journey towards God, I pray that Mary guides my heart to share honestly and with (tasteful) candor so others might feel encouraged to share as well. Until tomorrow! 

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