Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Continuation...

Of my thoughts the other day about the need of our daily, freely given consent and full acceptance to the gift of faith that God offers us. Today at Mass Father's homily brought up some of these very same thoughts, and that the falling away or lapsing that many Catholics experience is in fact the choosing of other things to place at center stage in their lives. The crowding out of God. These things eventually replace God and the Faith He freely gives to His children, resulting in a suspended and atrophied Faith. The problem isn't that we've outgrown our Faith; as if Faith were just a collection of fairy tales suitable only for children. It is that we've become lazy. And addicted to pleasure seeking. For when we find out our constant care and attention are required to keep our Faith alive in our daily lives, we procrastinate, we postpone; we distract ourselves with something less demanding. Perhaps what we need more than show stopping Broadway style liturgical programming, more than pop rock praise music, more than lay inclusive liturgies (E.M. & lector concelebrations anyone?); perhaps what we really need is a support group in every parish to strengthen us for the long haul. For the dry times. For the times when we rail against God for the misfortunes in our lives. We need people who will get us through the tough spots or notice when we don't come to mass. In short; reassurance that we all experience the times of disillusionment; of feeling far away from God; but never so far away to be forgotten. By God or by our fellow travelers in Faith. We need reminders that God gives freely and without restrictions and that He never revokes the choice he has made in us. As His people. His people of the Faith.   

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