Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our Faith as Gift Given, and our responsibility to accept and acknowledge it as such...

I know that this image is a bit flippant, but it struck me of the need of our "Yes" to God in even in the seemingly obvious act ; but by no means least significant act; of the acceptance of our Faith. What started me on this thread was a pondering on the those of us who have been given the Faith and have either fallen away through a waning of interest or have become disillusioned and disgruntled. I know I have been guilty of both during my own journey of faith and it wasn't until I realized that I had to give and keep giving a daily "Yes" to God that I actually fully accepted the true gift that faith is for my life. Faith itself is an act of will, and must be chosen by us freely if it is to be something that can be fully experienced. And like all choices in life, it comes up for review whenever we're about to change course. Sometimes this can be often: daily, even hourly for those of us who struggle with the strong current of the world. But all I know is that the constant re-affirmation of that "Yes" to Faith in my own life has truly had an effect on how I see the world now. For now my Faith is a pearl of great price, worthy of selling everything for the attainment of it, and truly worthy of the full cherishing of that Gift given to me out of pure Love. Until we can each come to this realization, Faith lies dormant, waiting for the moment, when out of the free will God has given us we respond in kind. In Love.        

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